Paul Stalteri has officially announced his retirement from professional football. After a career that lasted nearly 15 years in European Football, Paul has made the decision to move on from playing. “What has made this decision more difficult for me is that physically I feel better than I have for years. Following a very long but successful rehab after two major operations I feel 100 percent fit and continue to stay active. The decision to retire is made much easier when you know your body has broken down and cannot play anymore, which wasn’t the case with me.

“I would like to first thank the CSA for assisting in this announcement. Representing Canada has been one of the highlights of my career and it was with the greatest honour to have been Captain for our great nation.  It is all the more fitting that the announcement be made alongside the association”

“I have had the opportunity to play on some fantastic club teams in my time.  At Werder Bremen, I won trophies and played in the Champions League. To be a part of European football in that capacity is certainly something I am proud of.  I am also exceptionally proud of joining two clubs who were both in a relegation battle and sitting at the bottom of the league at my arrival.  Helping both clubs avoid relegation on the final day of the season is something that I am proud to have been a part of. The pressure was intense and the reaction and relief of the fans after the final whistles proves just what this great game means to them.”

“I was fortunate enough to play alongside some world class players and coaches.  I took every opportunity possible to learn from their experience and knowledge. I am looking forward to bring that knowledge and experience in some capacity back to Canada.”

“I have already embarked on that task by opening the dialogue about the difference equipment makes for children at developmental stages.  The OSA and other prominent members of the soccer community in Canada have been embracing the main LTPD concept which I have begun to introduce from Germany.  One of the things I noticed straight away in German youth soccer is that they play with a different ball than we do in North America. I was intrigued with this concept because it was so easy to teach young children skills.  Over 10 years ago, the Germans and Dutch completely revolutionized the ball children use.  One of the pioneers to this revolution was DERBYSTAR.  The light balls have had a tremendous impact on the player development over in Germany and Holland and it is clear given the amount of talent they have been able to produce in recent years.  I have been able to bring this fantastic product to Canada. They fit perfectly into the LTPD which Canadians continue to discuss and the feedback we have had in Ontario has been fantastic. I encourage any coaches, players or parents to go to visit www.derbystar.ca to learn more about this fantastic product”

There have been many influential people in my career and the list is certainly long.  My coaches and teammates have all been so important to my success.  We have shared memories and stories that will last a lifetime.

I would like to take this opportunity to show my appreciation and gratitude to all the fans, I would like to thank them for all the years of passion and support they have given me.  I have many fond memories of your support throughout the years. 

Finally, I would like to thank my family and friends for all their unbelievable support and dedication throughout my entire career.”


Ó Paul Stalteri 2013